West London AV Solutions is an award winning family business that prides itself on providing cutting-edge smart home technology with a personal touch.

The Problem

Having consciously re-focused the business on the smart home technology services the owners were passionate about, the challenge was to establish a name, develop their brand and drive sales in their new market. The scaling of the new business was not going to be possible with the current structure. Cashflow was tight and there was no information with which to measure and control the business.


Working with the owners to clarify their ambitions for the business, we developed a plan for the next 12 months, including quarterly objectives to keep the plan on track. We needed to get the MD working on the business instead of in it. An operational cashflow forecast allowed the MD to feel in control of the finances of the business again and have sight of cash crunches, providing an opportunity to put solutions in place to manage these events. A marketing push, including the launch of a new website, and a new SEO strategy, saw leads jump significantly and their first industry award. Development of a basic CRM tracking tool supported an evolving sales process, helping qualify leads to maximise opportunities for the field resources they had.


Six months into year two of the new business s model and WLAV have exceeded the first year’s revenue. Exciting times lie ahead with new office premises, team members, operational procedures and financial disciplines to bed in to support the growth in a controlled manner. These disciplines, and the information being developed, provide the owners with the tools they need for control, insight and planning. In turn, this has helped support confident decision making and choices for the future. In addition to improving staff confidence in the business, the new approach has increased credibility externally. The information and disciplines have been used to improve their credit worthiness ahead of raising working capital finance to fund their continuing growth. Work continues...